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Meet the team & FAQ’s


Meet the team & FAQ’s

About Elena

I am a Fitness Instructor & Health Science Graduate living in Cape Town. Health & Fitness have always been extremely important to me, and there is nothing quite like the feeling that you get after a workout. Getting fitter & stronger is a journey that involves commitment, dedication and a strong desire to constantly work on yourself. There is no quick fix to achieving the body that you want. My workout style is based on a combination of high intensity interval training, as well as slower, more controlled workouts that are aimed at toning & sculpting specific areas of the body. My goal for BodE is to give others the opportunity to join me on my personal fitness journey without having to step into a gym. No matter what your fitness level is, BodE can help you to become a healthier, fitter, leaner & stronger version of yourself. We are in this together, and I am here to help you all the way!

About Kayley

Getting to know me, I’m a lifelong fitness enthusiast, with 7 years of teaching experience, teaching all things movement, strength and cardio group classes, barre, and yoga. My journey as a teacher started in 2016 while living in Vietnam, where I got to teach and share my passion for yoga. One of the best chapters yet and this was only the start of my teaching journey. As a trainer, I hope to inspire others to take time for themselves by moving their bodies. The most rewarding part of teaching is to see others fall in love with movement, become curious about their bodies and discover what they are capable of through movement. A definite highlight of being in this industry is that it brings you in touch with like-minded souls. Motivating and sharing that “workout high” bonds you with the people around you. That alone is pretty amazing and I get to share that through Yoga & Barre.

About Tristan

Hi, I am Tristan Staegemann, a certified Bootybarre and STOTT PILATES instructor. My lifetime love for movement lead me down a path of self-discovery and uncovered a fascination in anatomy and the human body. In my BodE library, you will find a range of Pilates and Barre classes suitable for all bodies. The Barre classes focus on fun, low impact, high intensity movements inspired by elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates. The Pilates classes are designed to strengthen and bring better awareness to the body as a whole. With a continuous emphasis on alignment the classes assist in improving posture so that we become less prone to injury, allowing us to move freely in our daily lives. My aim is to show you that exercise can be inspiring, uplifting, empowering and oh so fun!

About Linda

I have been sharing my love for movement for over 22 years and the journey has changed my life in the most incredible way! This is exactly what I want to share with you – the joy to be able to move and strengthen through different phases of our lives. I have 18 years of ballet training with the Royal Academy of Ballet and spent many years dancing on stage as a contemporary dancer. I am a fully certified Pilates instructor and opened my fully equipped studios in Pretoria (2007) and Johannesburg (2014) called My Pilates. I have been freelance teaching at The Movement Lab, the Yoga Collective and have also been hosting retreats around South Africa. What an amazing journey it has been and I look forward to sharing my knowledge & experience with you.

About Alexia

For as long as I can remember I have had a relationship with movement. My love for (many years of) dance turned into my love for this incredible technique. After growing 2 beautiful babies my respect for Pilates intensified, and how could it not. I put my body through the wildest ride and it came out stronger than ever. Safe to say I now have a very special interest in pregnancy and postpartum. My knowledge and experience of Joseph Pilates technique form the core of all of my training methods, which I have been teaching full-time for 10+ years. Teaching quickly became a space of joy for me. Seeing the physical and more importantly, the mental changes in my clients and the impact made on them made me want to immerse myself in this lifestyle.


What is BodE?

BodE is an online workout platform founded by Elena Pappas. There are 4 trainers to choose from, offering a variety of different exercise styles – HIIT & Sculpt, Barre, Yoga, Yoga HIIT, Pilates, Bump Pregnancy & Postpartum workouts.

What will I need?

It is advised that you purchase a workout mat, ankle weights & resistance bands. These are all available in the BodE store. You may also need a set of dumbbells.

Do I need to be fit to do BodE?

BodE is suitable for all fitness levels. There are different categories to choose from depending on your fitness level, so whether you are a beginner or an advanced member, there is something for everyone!

How often do new classes get added to the library?
This depends on the package selected. Please refer to the different package options on the home page for more details.
How much is it?

The monthly subscription fee starts at R299 per month for single trainer access, or R399 per month for All Inclusive access to all of the BodE trainers. Please refer to the home page for more info on package prices.

How often should I do BodE?
It differs for everyone, but 4 to 5 workouts a week are recommended in order to see significant results.
Will I lose weight from BodE?
Whatever your fitness goal is, BodE will most definitely help you to achieve it. Whether it be weight loss, muscle toning, or strength building, consistency with your BodE workouts combined with a healthy diet will help you to achieve your goal.
How do I subscribe?

Simply click HERE

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