Join me on my personal fitness journey.


Join me on my
personal fitness journey.

About Elena

I am a Fitness Instructor & Health Science Graduate living in Cape Town. Health & Fitness have always been extremely important to me, and there is nothing quite like the feeling that you get after a workout. Getting fitter & stronger is a journey that involves commitment, dedication and a strong desire to constantly work on yourself. There is no quick fix to achieving the body that you want. My workout style is based on a combination of high intensity interval training, as well as slower, more controlled workouts that are aimed at toning & sculpting specific areas of the body. My goal for BodE is to give others the opportunity to join me on my personal fitness journey without having to step into a gym. No matter what your fitness level is, BodE can help you to become a healthier, fitter, leaner & stronger version of yourself. We are in this together, and I am here to help you all the way!

About Liron

I am a barre instructor currently based in Johannesburg. I am currently completing my final years of Occupational Therapy at Wits. It is evident that my passion lies with empowering people and bringing out their full potential. Through teaching barre, I get to do just that. I empower people all while providing them with amazing workout routines. The workout routines consist of the perfect balance between sculpting, burning and toning your body to achieve those long lean lines we all strive for. I live by the quote “If you can rise, bring someone with you.” I look forward to using these workouts to do just that.

About Paige

My powerful yoga practice will move your body and mind. With 16 years of ballet combined with over 1000 hours of training makes my yoga adaptive, fun and intuitive. My vibrant nature encourages you to explore & strengthen your mental and physical boundaries leaving you feeling blissfully aware of yourself, and falling in love with yoga.


What is BodE?

BodE is an online workout platform founded by Elena Pappas. There are 3 trainers to choose from, offering a variety of Sculpting & Toning, HIIT, Barre & Yoga.

What will I need?

It is advised that you purchase a workout mat, ankle weights & resistance bands. These are all available in the BodE store. You may also need a set of dumbbells.

Do I need to be fit to do BodE?

BodE is suitable for all fitness levels. There are different categories to choose from depending on your fitness level.

What type of exercise is it?

Whether you are looking to do a HIIT cardio blast, a Barre class, a Power Yoga session, or even just a Guided Meditation, there is something for everyone.

How often do new classes get added to the library?
This depends on the package selected. Please refer to the different package options on the home page for more details.
How much is it?

The monthly subscription fee starts off at 199 per month for Liron, R250 per month for Elena or Paige, or R350 per month for All Inclusive access to all of the BodE trainers.

Is there any way to try a free workout?

Your first 7 days of your selected BodE package are absolutely FREE, and you can cancel at any time!

How often should I do BodE?
It differs for everyone, but 4 to 5 workouts a week are recommended in order to see significant results.
Will I lose weight from BodE?
Whatever your fitness goal is, BodE will most definitely help you to achieve it. Whether it be weight loss, muscle toning, or strength building, consistency with your BodE workouts combined with a healthy diet will help you to achieve your goal.
How do I subscribe?

Simply click HERE

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