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Join me on my personal fitness journey.


Join me on my
personal fitness journey.

About Elena

I am a Fitness Instructor & Health Science Graduate living in Cape Town. Health & Fitness have always been extremely important to me, and there is nothing quite like feeling that you get after a workout. Getting fitter & stronger is a journey that involves commitment, dedication and a strong desire to constantly work on yourself. There is no quick fix to achieving the body that you want. My workout style is based on a combination of high intensity interval training, as well as slower, more controlled workouts that are aimed at toning & sculpting specific areas of the body. My goal for BodE is to give others the opportunity to join me on my personal fitness journey without having to step into a gym. No matter what your fitness level is, BodE can help you to become a healthier, fitter, leaner & stronger version of yourself. We are in this together, and I am here to help you all the way!

About Torra

I am a fitness instructor based in Cape Town. My goal is to help you achieve your ideal level of fitness while still having fun along the way with a group of like-minded individuals who will support you and keep you motivated. I want to show others that they can train with little to no equipment and still see incredible results in their body. My style of training is HIIT workouts that target the full body. My workouts are challenging, fun, & extremely effective for both men and women. I can’t wait to show you how much fun working out from home can really be… let’s get shredded!


What is BodE?
30 – 40 minute pre-recorded home workouts by fitness instructors Elena Pappas & Thobela Torra.
What will I need?
You don’t need any equipment to get started with BodE. There are a few workouts that have light weights, resistance bands & ankle weights, but all of the workouts can be done with no equipment or simply by using alternatives, e.g. water bottles or cans instead of weights.
Do I need to be fit to do BodE?
BodE has 5 different fitness levels to choose from:

Level 1 – Stretches

Level 2 – Beginner

Level 3 – Intermediate

Level 4 – Advanced

Level 5 – Expert

What type of exercise is it?
BodE is a combination of high intensity interval training combined with slow, controlled functional fitness. Whether you are in the mood for a HIIT cardio session, or a low impact slow burn, there is something for everyone.
What if I want to do more than 30 minutes?
When you are subscribed to BodE you have unlimited access to the library, so if you feel like doing more than 30 minutes, you can do 2 workouts in a row.
How often do new classes get added to the library?
At any given time, there will be over 40 workouts to choose from. Additional to that, there will be 2 NEW workouts added to the library every week. 2 new workouts by Elena, and two new workouts by Torra.
How much is it?
The monthly subscription fee for BodE is R199 per month for a single trainer. This gives you unlimited access to that trainers workout library. Coming soon we will offer both trainers, you can purchase the dual membership at R299 per month.
Is there any way to try a free workout?
Your first 7 days of your selected BodE package are absolutely FREE, and you can cancel at any time!
How often should I do BodE?
It differs for everyone, but 4 to 5 workouts a week are recommended in order to see significant results.
Will I lose weight from BodE?
Whatever your fitness goal is, BodE will most definitely help you to achieve it. Whether it be weight loss, muscle toning, or strength building, consistency with your BodE workouts combined with a healthy diet will help you to achieve your goal.
How do I subscribe?

Simply click HERE!

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